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Super Cambridge Exam Results!

I would like to say a big congratulations on the impressive results of all our students who sat for the Cambridge Exams on 14th September! There were 11 candidates for the Starters exam, 5 for the Movers and 1 for the Flyers.

Candidates are marked out of 5 shields for each of the three categories across four key language skills (Reading & Writing, Listening, and Speaking), for a maximum of 15 shields.

For the Starters exam, we are pleased to announce that a remarkable 91% of candidates achieved 4-5 shields for Reading & Writing, and Listening, while for the Speaking exam, candidates achieved an average of 4.7 shields! 

Three students also achieved the full marks of 15 shields.

We are very pleased to see students performing so well across all of the important skills tested within in the Cambridge Exams. This is a great start to what we’re sure will be some very successful academic careers!

Cert 1 Cert 2