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To hide one lie, a thousand lies are needed

I did a fable writing with my P2 – P3 students last week and here comes the best piece of writing. This marvellous piece of writing with an impressive moral in the end is written by Hazel Wong, who is a P2 student. Her stories are always a pleasure to read. I look forward to reading more of her stories in the future! 

On a dark, snowy night, there was a little girl who sold accessories. She didn’t sell all the accessories that night because she wanted to go home but she was warned by her mother that if she didn’t sell all the accessories, she would not be allowed to do so. The little girl thought for a long time, then she got an idea.

She hid the unsold accessories and she went back home happily. When she saw her mother, her mother smiled as she thought her daughter had already sold all the accessories. However, when her mother asked, “Who are the customers?” What did they buy? “… Mr and Mrs Lam bought … our bracelets,” the little girl answered, with her voice shaking.

After dinner, she ran into the bedroom and sat on her pink bed. She felt very upset because she told lies to her mum. She cried sadly. She thought she wasn’t a good child. Then, she decided to tell her mum the truth, “Mum, I haven’t sold all the accessories yet and today I didn’t meet Mr and Mrs Lam.”

Her mother said, “To hide one lie, a thousand lies are needed.” We should stop lying and be honest to yourself and others.