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“Katie is cooking in the rubbish bin.”

In my recent grammar class, I gave my P. 2/3 students a piece of creative writing to unleash they imagination which they must start the passage with the sentence, “Katie is cooking in the rubbish bin.”

And here’s two spooky stories from them.

By Anabella Chin, St. Mary’s P. 2

Katie is cooking in the rubbish bin. She’s cooking a rubbish. She’s cooking for herself. She’s cooking when she is bathing. She’s happy, but her cooking is smelly.

Katie eats the food, and then she vomits because the food is poisonous, and then she vomits again.

The next day, Katie shrinks to a really really small size. We cannot see her. We just leave her in the rubbish bin. A lot of people throw rubbish in the rubbish bin, and then Katie dies.


By Leah Lai, Good Hope P. 2

Katie is cooking in the rubbish bin, then a monster smashes her home. So Katie asks the monster what his name is, then the monster eats Katie. Katie sees a slide, a swing, a building and two pencils.

Katie is surprised that the monster has eaten these big and small things, then she feels hungry, a magical bean has come out, when she eats it she become smaller, as small as an ant. Then she comes out from the monster’s hands, this adventure is the silliest.