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The Lego Poem

I think it’s a great when students find something they enjoy doing. One of my students Ricky loves writing poems. Here’s his latest one about a hobby of his.


The Lego Poem
by Ricky Chan

When I was bored and playing lego
It’s so important to be social
I will build a giant yummy peach
Or drive a tiny man to the beach

Sometimes they will become very mad
They will start to cry when they are sad
Their meal is only just a mushroom
They will take a bath in the bathroom

When they are free to go to the zoo
The only words they can say is ‘woo’
They’ll fight against enemies in war,
keep fighting until there are no more

Some of them are quite pessimistic,
but most of them are optimistic
I hope after reading my story
you will not loudly say ‘My Mummy!’