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Student Work

Treasure Chest

This is a story written by Nicole Cheng (P1). In class, we talked about treasure hunts and treasure maps, and used some pictures to inspire the students to write a story of their own. I particularly enjoyed the lovely ending to Nicole’s story.


A girl pirate finds a book. The book has a map. The map tells her how to find the treasure chest. She is very excited to find money, gold, crowns, necklaces, rings, bracelets and jewels.

The treasure is on the island in the castle. She carefully looks one more time with a magnifying glass. Then, she happily and quickly rides her bike down the hill.

She quickly gets in her boat and starts to row, row, row her boat. The castle is on the sand.

The pirate unlocks the open door and she goes happily inside. She walks down the stairs and goes out from a hole. She finds the treasure chest at last. She opens the treasure chest. But she didn’t find anything. She was very upset. She only found a piece of paper. It says well done.

She was very angry, because before she was so excited to find money, gold, crowns, necklaces, rings, bracelets, amber and rubies. Finally, she is happy again and hugs her little girl, boy and the cute dog. She has a sweet sleep and finishes the whole day. The beautiful next day is coming soon.