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Student Work

As quiet as a mouse…

The work I want to share today is by a P2 student, Katelyn Yiu, who attended my Love to Write class.

In the lesson we had been learning about similes, and making comparisons using the structure “as… as…” I was blown away by the piece of writing Katelyn completed for homework – she incorporated everything that we had learned and more, in a very skilful way. Take a look for yourself…


Once upon a time, there was a mouse called Goldy. She was as brave as a lion and as creepy as a thief.

One day, she crept as slowly as a snail because she didn’t want to be seen. She crept into a man’s house through a hole as tiny as a speck of dust. After she crept into the man’s house, she looked around, as curious as a newborn baby. Then she saw a cupboard filled with things.

Goldy was about to leave when something suddenly caught her eye. Guess what! She saw a big slice of cheese. So she climbed onto the cupboard carefully. And finally, she reached the slice of cheese. Then, of course, she nibbled it. After the big slice of cheese, her tummy was as big as a blown-up balloon.

Then, she was tired and went to sleep right on that plate! OH NO! Two minutes later, the owner of the house came home from work. He went in the kitchen, feeling a bit hungry. He stood there and thought for a while. Then suddenly, he remembered the cheese he had put in the cupboard yesterday. He rubbed his tummy then licked his lips. He opened the cupboard hungrily, but when he saw it, he was as surprised as a man who saw his wife turn into a duck.

But Goldy was not scared because she is a brave mouse, remember? She ran as fast as a jaguar. But the man was just in time to see her tail. He dropped the plate and ran to chase Goldy. Fortunately, she was able to run off. But she never dared to steal cheese from the man’s house again! Do you know why? She found a nice cheese house in Miss Laura’s house’s cupboard. She lived happily ever after.