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Teaching Diaries: Ms. Jackee – Teaching Philosophy

Language learning is never a smooth journey and mistakes are inevitable. From my own language learning experience, I know it can be daunting to make mistakes in an unfamiliar second language, especially when those mistakes can be costly during assessments and examinations.

As a language teacher, I aim to create a learning environment where students can be fearless in expressing themselves with English. I want my students to learn that their mistakes can always be turned into learning opportunities for themselves and others. Successful language learning will come to those who are courageous enough to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes.

In my classroom, I would often remind students that English is not just about grammar, but it is also an art and contains the cultures of the people who are using the language. Learning to appreciate the language as an art is also to understand and appreciate the cultures that it represents, while it is also important to realize language as a tool is a way to establish communication with others.

I hope my students can learn about and appreciate other cultures as their knowledge in English grows, and be more confident in expressing themselves and sharing their own cultures with others.