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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Carrie – Teaching Philosophy

Drawing from my past experience in learning languages, I have found that the key to learning is creating a bright spark of interest in myself. If I don’t like what I’m learning, then it feels like hard work, and I struggle to do it with enthusiasm or to push myself to learn as much as I can.

As a teacher, it is only part of my job to instill the knowledge of grammar rules and vocabulary into my students. The other, equally important part is finding the right method to get each student enthusiastic to speak, read and write, so that they will master the language. Games and stories are highly effective ways to generate enthusiasm and to also learn at the same time. During these activities, students are encouraged to communicate and interact with other people, trying to listen and respond.

I believe that every student is unique and they have their own pace of learning. Therefore, I always remind myself not to underestimate my students’ potential. I always make sure to pay attention to each student’s needs and try to help them step by step with tailor-made teaching methods and materials. It is also vital to let students know when they are doing well, in order to give them the confidence and encouragement to keep on learning.

Not only students, but also teachers need to keep learning – learning to be a better teacher, to teach in a more effective way and to be more aware of our students’ needs. I remind myself of this constantly, and always drive myself to improve. By doing so, hopefully my students will be more willing to learn and grow to be life-long learners as well.