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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Rachel – Teaching Philosophy

I believe that each child is a unique individual. They grow and mature intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially, which should take place only in a caring, secure, and stimulating atmosphere. Therefore, it is my desire to establish a learning environment which is safe and non-judgmental to help students stretch to their fullest potential in different areas. I would say that learners vary not only in abilities but also in learning styles: some learn best in a lecture atmosphere, some are motivated by collaborative tasks and others absorb best if they work individually and self-reflect on what they have learnt.

Therefore, my role as a teacher is to facilitate such an environment that embraces the diversity in individual learning needs. By doing so, students feel comfortable and are willing to allow their natural curiosity to direct their learning. This is why I love teaching; when I see children are intrinsically motivated to learn what they are truly interested in and are not afraid to take risks and learn through mistakes.

In addition to the role of teachers, I also recognise the importance of encouraging students to take responsibility of their own learning. Teachers, as a facilitator, should not only merely transmit knowledge to students through materials but also allow opportunities for them to explore, experiment with and create their own theories. To my way of thinking, empowering students with the ability to learn how to learn is crucial. Knowing how to make sense of what they encounter, assess the reliability and validity of what they read, question the authenticity and accuracy of information will definitely allow them to become an active and independent learner.