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I am David by Anne Holm

Seeing many of my students indulging in playing apps and computer games and lacking motivation to study, I want to recommend the book I Am David written by Anne Holm to them. It is an inspiring book which will help us restore faith in ourselves and in humanity.

After World War II, many people in Eastern Europe who disagree with the new governments have been sent to concentration camps. With the help of a commandant, David who has spent his entire twelve-year life in the camp seizes the chance to escape. He struggles to cope in the world which is new to him, meeting good and bad people who are destined to influence his life one way or another. Fortunately, being brave and perseverant, David eventually succeeds in searching for freedom and reuniting with his mother.

I want my students to learn that trusting people can sometimes be painful, but just as the heartwarming story suggests, it is rewarding at other times. If you happen to believe life is not treating you well, think of David and be reminded to build your resilience in the face of adversity. Reflect on yourself, set some goals and work hard on achieving them and abstaining from the bad habits, then you are one step closer to success!


Link to the movie trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_GeHxTIYwA