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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Holly – Non-Fiction

Some (not many) years ago, when I was still a secondary school student, a teacher of mine recommended The Undercover Economist to me. Without much prior experience with non-fiction books, I did not expect myself to enjoy reading it. I mean, economics? It sounded complicated and boring. However, after reading the first chapter, I knew I was wrong to judge a book cover (or name, in this case).

Tim Harford explored everyday issues like pricing strategies of supermarkets and distribution of coffee bars in a witty and humourous way, making the process of reading extremely enjoyable. Most importantly, it offered a glimpse of how economy worked in a global setting from different perspectives in a critical manner. A common problem of Hong Kong secondary school students is the lack of multi-perspective thinking. Unfortunately, it is crucial for public examinations like HKDSE and IELTS. This book would not only enhance students’ ability to think critically but also serve as a great foundation for studying the Globalisation module of Liberal Studies. When you can combine pleasure with acquisition of knowledge, why not give it a try?