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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Valencia – Non-fiction

This book is a classic. If you are interested in art, photography, fashion and philosophy, or are looking for ways to see beneath the surface, this non-fiction book is for you.

Since 80% of our sensory perception of the world comes from vision, visual images dominate our meaning-making process. We process millions of images daily – from advertisements on billboards during our morning commute to photographic documentations. In this image-obsessed society shaped by mass media, it would be wrong to assume that images are neutral. From the book, we also learn about the camera, spectatorship and the politics of female representation in visual culture from antiquity to present.

Based on the BAFTA award-winning BBC series Ways of Seeing in 1972, it is one of most influential and radical books written about art and visual culture. John Berger, the late author who passed away earlier this year in 2017, challenges traditional Western cultural aesthetics and unveils the ideologies embedded within photographs, oil paintings and images.