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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Holly – Treasures

Everyone has something that they would consider as treasure, despite how meaningless or ridiculous they might seem to others.

Having been a devoted fan of Harry Potter for most of my life, my most treasured items would be my Harry Potter hardcover collection, along with other Harry Potter-themed items such as a picture of me riding on a broom at the Harry Potter Studio in London and my personal time turner. My friends call me childish because they can never understand the excitement of holding a piece of wood and calling it my wand. I do not blame them for their lack of enthusiasm, just like they do not criticise mine for their collections of celebrity autographs.

My collection of Harry Potter stuff represents my childhood, since I spent a great amount of time reading and talking about the series. Perhaps I no longer have the luxury to spend so much time obsessing over the magic world anymore, but it was certainly a happy and carefree period of time I would like to treasure in my heart.