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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Lee – Teaching Philosophy

For learning to be successful, I believe that students need to be equal partners in the learning process. Therefore, it is important to arouse students’ interest and let them bear the responsibility to learn. The former can be achieved by making classes interesting and allowing the flexibility in the lessons. The latter can be done by setting learning goals with the students and evaluating their progress from time to time.

For students at a lower English proficiency level, they often learn grammar structures better if the concepts are explained in their native language with comparison of the two languages made. Making good use of Cantonese to assist Chinese students in understanding is one of my strengths.

For students at any levels, reading is always important. Reading can increase one’s exposure to different sentence patterns, grammar usage and vocabulary, all of which are of paramount importance to the enhancement of English. Therefore, I will encourage students to read book in their free time.