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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Suki – Teaching Philosophy

Students in Hong Kong are under excessive pressure due to the spoon-feeding learning culture and examination-oriented learning environment. Forcing and pushing students to study can bring negative effect. That is why a lot of students do not enjoy studying. An appropriate method of teaching is crucial in helping students to learn effectively. It would be better to raise students’ interest in learning a language instead of making them treat it as a school subject. Many parents are still holding a perception that examination and academic result is the most important thing in their children’s childhood. However, I believe that when a student enjoy learning and love a language, they can make achievement more than good examination results.

No one is born multilingual. As a native Chinese speaker who has learnt different languages, including English, Korean and Japanese, I certainly experienced what my students do when they learn languages. Therefore, I can understand their difficulties and what they need. I find it very important to make a new language become part of your life. Say it. Use them. Write it. You can listen to songs, read books and watch movies in the language you learn. All these can become your motivation and help you acquire a language quickly.

Also, there is an interesting phenomenon in Hong Kong that native Chinese speakers do not even like their mother language. I think it is because they have not yet discovered the interesting side of this language. Hence, I aim to show engaging stuffs of Chinese, such as stories, to let them know that Chinese is not only a language they use to communicate but they can be in love with it.