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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Willow – Treasures

One of the things I enjoy most about working at i-Learner is the connection I am able to make with my students. Unlike in a school, where large classes move on every year, I am able to get to really know my students and see them grow as learners and as people over time.
Making that connection is important to students, as it helps them to feel a responsibility to do their best in my classes.
It has also brought me some of my greatest treasures! Many of my students bring me pictures they have coloured, or write letters to me, or even bring me small souvenirs from their holidays.
One of the best things I have received recently was a golden ticket which a student made for me after reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It wasn’t a book we’d read in class, but one that he’d read at home and liked so much that he wanted to share it with me. I have taught this student since before he could read. It’s amazing to see him go from sounding out letters to falling in love with a book as difficult as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
I keep all of these things stuck on the wall by my desk so that I can always be cheered by these lovely gifts.