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i-Learner Christmas Workshops

We are pleased to announce this year’s festive Christmas short courses! Running from 27th December to 5th January, these 2-hour sessions provide a great chance for your child to explore their subjects in novel ways, and to celebrate Christmas at the same time.

This year students can enjoy courses in English, Chinese and maths. Through a range of interactive lessons, including storytelling, fun grammar reviews, creative writing and problem-solving, students can consolidate their learning and savour the Christmas atmosphere with their teacher. In previous years, students have come away with improved skills, work they are proud of, and smiles on their faces.

Classes are open for registration now, with information on times and courses attached. Don’t hesitate to contact our Admin team via WhatsApp 90493014 or on 3113 8815 today to reserve your child’s place!

English Christmas WorkShops 27th Dec – 5th Jan


Maths Christmas WorkShops 2nd Jan – 18th Jan


Chinese Christmas WorkShops 27th Dec-5th Jan