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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Allison – Teaching Philosophy

I believe classroom learning should be more than just a teacher giving instructions and students receiving. To me, having FUN while learning is one of the most important classroom elements. Games could not only ignite students’ active participation in class, but also increase their interest in the language. That is why I always try to incorporate games into my classes, for example, pinky toe, four corners, hungry shark or even Pictionary. These extra little bits of fun could bring students away from their usual perception of boring English lessons.

Second language learning should be accompanied with a lot of practices as well, especially for grammar. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”. I support the idea of doing grammar exercises so as to familiarize students with the form of English. Yet, practicing alone is not enough. Students should be able to grasp the core concept behind the grammar. For instance, students should not only familiarize themselves with the format of passive voice, but also to understand WHY they need the grammar. They have to understand the reason of using the grammar rule instead of simply being able to correctly finish all the passive voice worksheets. They learn the form, then understand and hence, would be able to apply these grammar rules in their daily writing.