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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Grace – Discovery

Summer is a time for everyone to discover to new hobbies, new interests, and new places to visit. With more time on their hands after their exams are over, children can explore new countries and try new things with their parents and their friends. Many of my students have told me about their travelling experiences, going to wonderful places like Japan, Singapore, London, Australia etc. But interestingly enough, very few have told me about new and interesting places that they have discovered in Hong Kong.

There are actually lots of amazing places to visit and exciting things to do right here in Hong Kong, that children should definitely save some of their time for. Places like Tai O, Stanley, and Sai Kung, where there is great cultural heritage and delicious local street food, and the countless hiking trails all over Hong Kong, where you can admire marvellous scenery on sunny days, are all definitely worth a visit to.

Hong Kong is a vibrant city with a mixture of Eastern and Western culture. It is flourishing with modernity yet at the same time blooming with its very own traditional culture. I do encourage all of our students to take time this summer to experience your hometown and I would be glad to hear all of your wonderful stories after your holidays!