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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Aimee – Teaching Philosophy

From birth to about 16 years old is a critical period for children to learn a language. In this period, it is easier for them to acquire a language in a well-rounded way. Throughout my own language learning journeys, being a native speaker of Cantonese and Mandarin, and a second language speaker of English and Spanish, I know the importance of critical period in language learning. In i-Learner, as a language teacher, what I desire to do is to make good use of children’s critical period and provide them with intriguing and immersing language lessons where they can find improvement in language skills and learning motivation. I found that students become more motivated to learn a language as they could participate actively in class. Therefore, I try to blend picture drawing, singing, and role play etc. in the language lessons so as to enable them to gain increased interest and confidence in speaking during games, group work and presentation. In addition, I believe that teaching material and teaching methods are essential in developing students’ language acquisition. According to my experience in i-Learner, teachers here have developed a reflective and collaborative culture in the co-planning process where core members brainstorm and share teaching ideas.