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How Parents can Boost Speaking in the Home

As English is a global language, it is important for children to master the art of verbal English communication. This allows them to broaden their minds by sharing thoughts, ideas, and opinions with people from different parts of the world.

Here at i-Learner, we strive to improve speaking skills by having conversations with our students and encouraging them to express their thoughts and opinions. In my experience, I have observed that this practice has resulted in students becoming more willing and able to communicate effectively in English. However, it is also crucial for parents to make conversation with their child at home in English. This provides children with a chance to continually enhance their English-speaking skills in a natural, everyday setting.

Here are some ways that you can boost English-speaking in your home and improve your child’s communication skills:

Read English stories and discuss them

Most parents are already reading stories to their children, but to improve English-speaking skills, it is also essential to discuss what you read either during or after the stories and ask for your child’s thoughts and opinions.

Talk about other subjects in English

Children can get better at speaking English when they are continually exposed to the language. They’ll be especially eager to engage with English if you’re discussing their favourite subject, such as science or history, and you’ll also be adding to their vocabulary in this field. You’ll be killing two birds with one stone!

Have an ‘English Club’ at home

Parents can make speaking English fun by inviting their child’s friends over for an ‘English Club’ where everyone converses in English! Even if the children do not have a wide pool of vocabulary, encourage them to speak English as much as possible. You can make this more enjoyable for the children by adding snacks and activities to the party!

Be positive

The best way to build up a child’s confidence and desire to speak English is by providing positive encouragement. Instead of criticising what your child does wrong, just repeat the word correctly and let them copy you to improve. And don’t forget to give lots of praise for their efforts in the activities mentioned above!

Using these techniques and more, you can boost English-speaking in the home and have some bonding time with your child at the same time!

We love having students come to i-Learner to prepare their Hong Kong Speech Festival performances. It gives us a great chance to see students express themselves in new and exciting ways. Our Gavel Club and Public Speaking Classes also give us a fantastic opportunity to help students communicate their ideas to the world.

Keep an eye out for the rest of the articles in this Public Speaking Series! We’ve got insights from our expert teaching team into how you can improve your child’s speaking in a whole host of interesting ways.