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Why Preschoolers Need Active Learning

You are probably already familiar with the concept of active learning – learning through play and hands-on activities. This can take the form of exploring different materials, learning through guided group activities and crafts, and interacting a lot with classmates.

But with the pressures on academics that the Hong Kong school system creates from a very young age, activity-based learning can sometimes get left behind.

Why is it important?

Young children learn through using their senses; they learn and remember through experience rather than memorisation. It can be a common misconception to think that this kind of learning is only relevant for children that struggle with focus and paying attention. But taking learning off of the page and into a kinetic and engaging activity is extremely beneficial for early childhood development.

A lot of active learning revolves around problem solving and fosters independent learning behaviour. What this means is that a child who learns actively will then be more likely to pursue their interests, ask questions, interact with others, and want to learn. It’s about creating an environment that will help your child gain a sense of curiosity, responsibility and social skills.

What can you do to encourage active learning?

Help your child build important hand muscles needed for writing with cutting-and-sticking crafts.

Talk while you draw together as a great way of building up everyday vocabulary, especially words related to colours, shapes and animals.

Develop hand-eye-coordination with interactive vocabulary ball-games, both throwing and rolling a soft ball.

Explore the senses with sensory boxes where you let your child freely play with flour, sand, jelly, slime or cotton balls and beads.

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