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Are Top Schools the Best Schools for your Kid?

Every parent tries to give the best to their child. But what does ‘the best’ really mean? Is it the best according to society? Or the best for your child? It can be a difficult to decide what the ‘best’ means for your family when it comes to schools.

I face the same situation regarding these schools every year. It’s always great to help i-Learner’s kindergarten students meet their goals and get in to the top schools in Hong Kong. However after a month or two, some of these children turn from smiley, confident kids into stressed, anxious mini-adults.

It’s important for parents to think about whether the schools they target are a good fit for their kid. There’s more to consider than the school’s reputation or ranking. Take a look at these key areas to think about:

1. Your child’s personality (active/shy/sporty/distracted/obedient/adventurous/etc.)
If your child is good at doing sports, consider some schools which focus on physical training. Your child will learn well in the environment which suits their personality, and may shine in a more active setting. There are also many lessons to learn from the sportsground which might bring your child satisfaction and self-fulfillment.

2. Your own expectation/beliefs
Will you be distorting or giving up things which are important to you in order to send your child to a top school? Try to imagine your child’s daily life and their long-term development if they study there. You might consider these areas: religion, distance between home and school, sports, music, language, and the frequency and format of exams. If any of these things don’t match the priorities for your family, then it might not be the right school for you.

3. The school’s educational vision and mission
Research this yourself – there’s plenty of information on each school’s website. Often, a school holds a particular reputation long after it has undergone a change. Take a look at the things which are important to you, such as medium of instruction, exam format, feeder/nominated schools, “through-train” schools and so on.

In short, helping your child get into a suitable school is more complicated than simply looking at a ranking. However, doing some research and thinking carefully about what is important to you and your family is a great way to find what works best. It can also be helpful to talk to your child’s teacher at i-Learner. We’ve seen many different students go to a wide variety of schools. We should be able to suggest schools where your child will thrive.