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Inspire Learning through Children’s Personal Interests

Indian President Abdul Kalam once said, ‘Suffering is the essence of success.’ It can be true that working hard leads to success; however, it’s not the only way to do well.

To me, learning is an exciting process of discovery, and exams are a game in which I’m aiming for a new high score. Success can be achieved this way too!

For those who agree that learning should include an element of enjoyment, here are some great tips for making work feel like play:

• Write fan fiction
Writing isn’t just for homework, but it can also be a great way to share our passion. If your child has a favourite TV show, film, or book, see if they can write and share some fan fiction set in the same world. You’ll be amazed at how creative they can be!

• Play role-playing games
Role-playing games, unlike traditional shooting or puzzle games, feature complex storylines and deep character development. Playing these games does wonders for a child’s creativity and sense of narrative. You’ll see great improvement in comprehension and writing abilities from children who play these.

• Read comics
Novels take a big investment in terms of time and effort, and readers can often be put off by this. However, the supporting images in comics help readers to engage with what they’re reading more easily, and they’re more likely to persist with even a difficult text. I used comics to teach myself Japanese, and they made it a hugely enjoyable experience!

Learning is a life-long journey, which for some is a dull plod through a dark monotonous forest. However, with these tips, you can help your child explore a bright, colourful labyrinth of knowledge and self-discovery.