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Early Learning Through Fun and Games

Some people believe learning only happens when children are sitting still and listening to a teacher. They feel that games waste classroom time. Actually the opposite is often true, especially for younger learners. In my years as a teacher, I’ve found that learning through fun and games builds skills in three essential areas:


  • Physical 

Early learners explore their surroundings through touch. It is important for them to understand the spatial relationship between themselves and the world around them, and they also need to develop motor skills that are useful in future learning.

Suggested games:

Egg and spoon races; What’s the time, Mr Wolf?; Traffic lights


  • Cognitive 

Engaging in games encourages young learners to understand cause and effect relationships as well as building their curiosity. When they play a role in a drama, they can imagine their character, brainstorm their response and exercise their critical thinking skills.

Suggested games:

Toy kitchen or other model, drama/role play of simple stories/fairy tales


  • Social 

Play provides the perfect opportunity for young learners (especially only children) to develop an understanding of social expectations and rules. Through these interactions, they brush up on key communication skills such as negotiation, compromising and expressing their feelings.

Suggested games:

Building blocks, solving puzzles (in a group)



In short, there is nothing better than learning through fun and games. These activities look simple and silly at times, but looks can be deceiving. During play, children feel relaxed and engaged, and of course, they learn quickly and easily.