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Boosting your Grades with Tutorial Classes

Tutorial classes are a popular, and to many people, essential, part of the Hong Kong education system. Parents and students know the importance of good grades, and tutorial classes can give these a great boost.

While i-Learner’s ultimate aim is to create passionate, engaged learners, helping our students reach their test and exam goals is also a key part of our role. Having run the Exam Practice programme here at i-Learner for several years, I’ve seen many successful cases and know just how much progress students can make with tutorial classes.

With small class sizes, tutors can give a great deal of attention to each student and therefore easily assess their strengths and weaknesses. The flexibility to adapt the curriculum and teaching materials allows tutors to tailor lessons to each student’s aptitude. Not only do weak students benefit from extra assistance, more capable students can be stretched to their full potential.

Practice makes perfect, and many students need regular coaching and practice in order to consolidate what they’ve learnt and apply their knowledge accurately. But doing this through practice papers alone can have damaging effects on a child’s progress. Confidence and enthusiasm can disappear quickly if students make repeated mistakes or become overly focused on replicating model answers. At i-Learner, we make sure students are encouraged to discuss the possibilities of alternative answers and develop critical thinking skills and confidence alongside accuracy.

Our Exam Practice sessions provide tailored materials based on school syllabuses, which helps students grasp difficult concepts and be aware of the tricky areas that may cause them to lose marks in exams. If you would like to see an immediate improvement in exam performance, don’t hesitate to sign up!