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The Importance of Learning Beyond the Curriculum

During my time at Oxford, I learned the importance of interdisciplinary study and intellectual curiosity. My tutors encouraged me to expand my interests beyond the limits of the curriculum, developing a passion for learning and an engagement with the subject that stretched me to my full potential.

Similarly, i-Learner teachers introduce students to texts that are not part of their school courses. This is especially important because research suggests that reading for pleasure as a teenager is a key indicator of future success. Moreover, in Critical Reading and Writing classes, students look at texts which are commonly studied in schools, and analyse them on a deeper level, creating critical thinkers who can respond to texts independently.

Tutorial classes at i-Learner are also highly interdisciplinary. The school system demands a clear division of subjects, but it’s important to encourage students to see beyond those boundaries. Our Global Speaking Passport course breaks down the barriers between language learning, social sciences and geography, while our Pre-school English students supplement their studies of English with fun science, technology, music and art projects. Even the most reluctant of students will be passionate about something; by exposing them to a wide range of subjects, tutorial classes allow them to discover what that might be.

Education is not just about cramming for exams – it’s about becoming a well-rounded individual with a wide range of interests. In tutorial classes, students are given crucial space to grow into true global citizens through courses which are designed to support school curricula, and also to go beyond them.