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Free BBC Listening Resources to Boost English Skills

BBC Sounds is available for free worldwide and has excellent content that can boost the skills of all English learners. The app is a great addition to the learning tools on your device (you can also listen through your browser here), and I’d recommend starting with the following programmes:

BBC Learning English Drama

Great adaptations in clear English and engaging language. It’s particularly good for older learners (including adults) wanting a mix of fiction and non-fiction.

Learning English News Review

News Review shows you how to use the language from the latest news stories in your everyday English. Episodes are paired with more learning tools and quizzes on the Learning English website.

English in a Minute

Fantastic short episodes on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, covering tricky topics that confuse learners such as Lie vs Lay and Be Going To vs Present Continuous.

6 Minute English

Improve your everyday English with these short episodes on topics as varied as Inventing Languages, Colours, and Food Superstitions.

The English We Speak

In these three-minute episodes, learn phrases that will make your English sound more natural, such as ‘tell me about it’, ‘easier said than done’, and ‘don’t mind me’.

You should also explore the wide range of other programmes with episodes going back decades. Take a look at the audiobooks, short dramas, children’s content and much more.


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