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Do Your Research & Make Your Application Count

Choosing which universities to apply to can feel overwhelming. This is particularly true if you’re applying overseas, which makes the options almost limitless. The most important piece of advice I give to students at this stage is to remember this is the place you’ll live and study in for at least three years, so make sure it’s somewhere you want to be. There are a few aspects to consider when making this decision:


The first question to ask is, how close to home do you want to be? Some people prefer to live at home during their studies, while others prefer to travel further afield. If you’re considering a university overseas, make sure to learn about the country it’s in, not just the university itself. You should think about local languages, culture and customs and whether you could see yourself integrating with them. What sort of lifestyle do you enjoy? Would you want to live in a busy city, or somewhere close to the countryside or coast?


Even though many universities offer the same subjects, the content of those courses will be slightly different at each university. Do you prefer theoretical studies or practical applications? The way that subjects are taught and assessed can be different too, so think about what would suit you best. Do you perform best in exams or in coursework? Do you like small group learning or listening to large lectures? Universities might offer different versions of similar courses or even the option for joint honours.

Is it right for me? 

Hopefully, you can now see that the most important thing when making university applications is finding the right place for you. You’ll have far more success in the right environment rather than wasting energy fitting into the wrong one. Do your research to make your university applications count. Remember, you can always ask your teachers at i-Learner how they chose their universities. Look on their profiles to find out where they went, and ask what the experience was really like when they were there.