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Building Mental Strength and Coping with Change

When facing stress, I take the opportunity to build the mental strength needed to cope with change and uncertainty. Three techniques that have helped me through challenging periods are:

Exercising the body and the mind 

Physical exercise

Building physical and mental strength through exercise can reset our mind and quash anxieties. Exercise is known to improve focus and cognitive function, allowing for clarity and confidence in decision making.


It takes time and effort to feel the true benefits of this practice, but it really is the greatest tool I use. Connecting to our breath and learning to block out unnecessary distractions can deliver power and resilience when we need it most

Making and maintaining connections

Reaching out to others, sharing our concerns, and building stronger connections within our relationships can give us the strength and boost we need to take the next step!

Cognitive reframing 

This is a technique we can use during a period of self doubt or when we are faced with life’s challenges. Reframing an event with a more realistic perspective reinforces our initial response as irrational and unreliable. Over time, we can build a greater sense of awareness and control, and retrain our negative thought patterns.

Step 1

Write down a negative outlook that you had and what it was related to. Take note of the emotion you felt at this time and what impact it had on you. Consider whether there was any evidence to support your response.

Step 2

Write down an alternative stance, one which is balanced and fair, and reflect on how this changes your emotions and behaviours.


As we all know, change is the only constant, so it’s important to take steps to build the mental strength and clarity needed to deal with its presence.