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The Benefits of Reading

I started reading in kindergarten and love both physical and digital books. I always encourage my students to read as there are so many benefits to this free and easy activity:

We can teach ourselves a lot by reading. Without moving an inch, we can access the world through these portals into other cultures and their food, language, education, religion, etc. Reading can also improve our grammar, vocabulary and comprehension, all of which are essential for succeeding in school exams.

Readers connect with each other through recommendations and discussions of the books they’ve enjoyed. We can also join book clubs online or in person, and we can attend events at our local libraries and bookstores.

A love of reading can even develop into a career. I recently published my first book and am working on a second. Many i-Learner teachers are writers too, and you can learn more about their experiences and tips in the article series: How I Write.

If you’re not yet confident or comfortable with reading, there are plenty of ways to improve this. Try different genres, lengths and mediums. Maybe you haven’t enjoyed the classic literature you’ve read at school, but you might love vibrant Geronimo Stilton books or wuxia graphic novels. Reading the same book as a friend can make the experience more enjoyable, as can joining a course like i-Learner’s Love to Read. Don’t miss out on the many great benefits that books can bring!