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How I Achieved Top IELTS Grades

To study in an English-speaking country, you often need to take the IELTS Academic test, which examines your reading, listening, writing and speaking abilities. There are minimum eligibility scores, which can be very high for top universities, and a good IELTS grade will greatly boost your chances of entering your dream school. As an achiever of top grades in IELTS several years ago, here are some tips on how to obtain the score you need.

Practice makes perfect

Managing your time effectively is key to acing the IELTS tests. In order to complete the test and check your work thoroughly in the designated time frame, do as many practice tests as possible. This will give you familiarity with the structure and question types you need to work quickly and efficiently.

Pay attention to the guidelines

Like most tests, the IELTS test has specific guidelines you should follow. This is especially important in the writing section, in which you will be given clear instructions on what to write for both tasks. Make sure you analyse each task carefully and do not deviate from the topic.

Immerse yourself in an English environment

Try to create an English environment for yourself so that you are used to understanding and using English. Simple things such as conversing with your friends in English or choosing to browse a website in English can help. Listening to English songs and podcasts are a great way to not only expand your awareness of the world’s latest happenings but also help enrich your vocabulary.


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