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Spontaneity in the Classroom

Spontaneity is a great way to stimulate interest in learning, add excitement to a lesson, and provide opportunities for students to be creative and proactive. Here are some ways I’m spontaneous in the classroom, which can be applied to learning anywhere:

Let students make decisions

When students are given agency in the classroom, they are more motivated to actively participate in the lesson. This can be achieved through something small, such as letting them choose a warm-up game or come up with a new writing prompt. Teachers can also ask students to be the ‘teacher’ and share with the class something they are knowledgeable about. I had a student who loved Pokémon, and every lesson he would teach his classmates about a different Pokémon. He spoke English more confidently, and the other students enjoyed the weekly Pokémon lesson while also developing their listening skills.

Take the lesson outside of the classroom

Learning doesn’t have to be confined to a desk. Teachers can take students for a walk and let them explore. One game I like to play with my younger students is ‘I Spy’, which we play throughout the whole learning centre. While they’re walking around, they can practise describing different things or point out things not usually found in the classroom. It gives them the opportunity to interact with other teachers and increase their confidence with speaking and listening.

Tailor the lesson to the students’ needs

The goal for every lesson is to help students learn. Students go through different things throughout the day which may affect their learning. Sometimes doing grammar exercises after a long day of school can be the last thing students want to do, so it is always helpful to change things up according to the students’ needs, whether it is switching to a fun writing activity or having a group discussion about something the students are passionate about. Building up children’s energy makes them more effective learners for the rest of the lesson and ensures they make the most of their time while also having fun.