i‑Learner Education Centre

Who We Are

Our History

i-Learner Education Centres have spent over fifteen years enabling our students to excel not only as students but also as fully-rounded individuals who know more about themselves and the communities they belong to.

The establishment of Nebula Group – its mission is to help every student achieve his or her educational dreams via individualised education for all. This same year sees the launch of i-Learner’s e-learning platforms with the vision of ensuring that all students are able to benefit from affordable high-quality online educational programmes, especially programmes helping students to learn English.
Nebula collaborates with Coca-Cola and Ming Pao Daily to organise Walk and Talk, an activity which combines hiking with English language conversation, providing authentic immersion experiences to more than 300 secondary school students. This sets the tone for i-Learner’s English learning programmes, which emphasise the important role played in education by the natural environment and by local communities.
Having now provided e-learning services to more than 200 schools in Hong Kong, i-Learner is invited by the Society for Community Organisation (SoCO) to provide small group tutorial services to children who are struggling with their studies. The instant success of the project, named We Will Fly, reveals the pedagogical magic of small-group teaching in language education. In the same year, i-Learner starts to provide limited individualised tutoring for students who are struggling with learning English.
i-Learner establishes their School Consultancy Team, consisting mainly of graduates from the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford, as well as experienced local teachers.
The i-Learner School Consultancy Team provides more than 100 workshops and consultancy projects, empowering over 1000 teachers to teach the new DSE English curriculum, and also training primary school teachers and junior secondary school teachers in practical interactive games and activities designed to aid teaching and learning.
The first i-Learner Education Centre opens, providing high quality face-to-face education to students in small groups. We believe each student has an individual and unique way of learning and it is our goal to help them discover it so that each of them can succeed in their own way.
i-Learner co-organises the annual ‘Hong Kong Reads’ campaign, together with the University of Hong Kong’s School of English, aimed at making reading a pleasurable activity and regular habit for all students in Hong Kong.
i-Learner Education Centre becomes a certified Exam Centre for Cambridge YLE, with hundreds of students studying with i-Learner and achieving brilliant results in their exams.
i-Learner Education Centre becomes a certified Exam Centre for Trinity GESE, with hundreds of students also studying with i-Learner curriculum and coming out of their exams with big smiles and excellent results.
i-Learner’s first group of P6 students progress to secondary schools. Coming from a wide range of primary schools, many are able to win places at prestigious secondary schools both in Hong Kong and in England.
By now, more than 1,000 students are participating in courses at i-Learner, ranging from Pre-School EnglishLove to WriteCritical Reading and WritingAdvanced Grammar and ReadingPublic Speaking, IGCSE English, IB English, and DSE English, to General ChineseChinese WritingClassical Chinese and DSE Chinese. The i-Learner Budding Writer series is published to a very positive response from teachers, poets and university professors.
The i-Learner Parents’ App is launched. At the same time, with the introduction of Applied Critical Thinking and University Preparation courses, i-Learner starts to provide programmes for a wide range of senior secondary school students, which help them gain places at top universities in Hong Kong and in the UK.
i-Learner Education Centre opens a second branch, based in Wan Chai, providing the same high-quality education to students on Hong Kong Island. i-Learner also undertakes detailed research into different education systems and pedagogical methodologies from around the world.
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of We Will Fly, the education programme that has helped thousands of students struggling to learn English, i-Learner launches a new education initiative named Daffodils and Foxgloves, which will provide 5 years of educational support to 20 disadvantaged children, helping them to realise their educational dreams. At the same time, our i-Learner Poetry Workbook series is published.
i-Learner continues to provide e-learning services to all the schools in Macau for English, Chinese and Portuguese. Our work in Macau expands through a project with the University of Macau, providing them with a tailored writing platform for all undergraduates. Bugbug’s Library, a reader series tailor-made for Hong Kong students and based on local children’s experiences is published. We continue to work with local schools to support them with innovative materials for their lessons. Our centre students continue to impress us with their achievements in writing, speech and reading competitions.
Fast work from our in-house programming team enables us to continue lessons during the pandemic with a new VLearner platform, a powerful online teaching tool. Online courses such as like Stella and Back-to-School are developed to ensure our students don’t fall behind during the period of school closures. Our regular programmes flourish, and students are able to extend their classrooms into the UK or the US with i-Learner tutors working around the globe. At the same time, Let’s Learn AboutI Love GrammarTongxin Zhong Wen, and our expansive online Mandarin Pathway series are published. As a member of The Boarding Schools’ Associationi-Learner Overseas Education Services expands its network throughout the UK and continues to provide a range of programmes and admissions advice for our students who are planning to study abroad.
Expansion of our international teaching team enables i-Learner Overseas Education Services students win places at top UK schools and receive support with their education following their move. A series of online seminars from the team and their international network also help i-Learner families prepare for success overseas. Students in Hong Kong benefit from our increased selection of secondary-level courses, such as VoyageDiscovery, and Classics and Modern Languages, giving them opportunities to study international-style courses or focus on DSE success wherever they are. i-Learner Publishing expands their STEM-focused Let’s Learn About series to create books for younger students and also develops three new series to strengthen reading at every stage: Phonics with Bugbug, Key to Classics, and Reading Elements.
Increased travel opportunities allow our students to take up more places in top schools around the world, with the assistance of our i-Learner Overseas Education Services. Students gain confidence and competence for their applications through our international programmes, which not only teach 11+ and 13+ exam skills but also provide a broad, international-style curriculum through our expanded Voyage and Discovery courses. Once students are studying abroad, they are supported by our network of tutors around the world, including the dedicated team we have set up in the UK at Seven Springs Education.
Our community is further supported through our successful professional training workshops and school curriculum support as well as a series of parent workshops. Students eagerly return to face-to-face teaching, while still enjoying the flexibility of online lessons to meet the needs of their busy schedules. As well as training a number of Speech Festival prize winners, we also launch our own prestigious Quill Programme, which assesses the writing skills of students across Hong Kong.
Our first Oxford Tour is a great success, with two groups of students studying in the city as well as taking trips to Cambridge and London, gaining insight into the top universities they aim to study in. These applications are further supported by our monthly admissions workshops for Oxbridge and Ivy League admissions. There is plenty of fun and learning here in Hong Kong, too, as our Little Scholars camps explore beaches and country parks. During term time, our students are welcomed into new Success Tracks, which focus on the specific learning needs at different schools. Parents are also provided with plenty of community, joining our Facebook groups to learn about the skills and strategies needed for success at their child’s school.
Two new book series from our publishing imprint, i-Learner Publishing, undergo testing with students and school teachers, and promise to be helpful tools for reading and writing. Our summer trips programme expands, with a Beijing IB Tour being scheduled as well as the return of our popular Oxford Tour. i-Learner continues to extend our work into the local community through school consultancy and community learning.