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Discover new techniques to nurture your child through their learning journey with the following articles from our teaching team.

Playtimes – 10th April, 2019

Big Boosts for Struggling Students

Give your child a boost in their weakest areas.

Playtimes – 10th April, 2019

Maintaining Motivation During Exams

Help your child get through this stressful period with these top tips.

Playtimes – 4th March, 2019

Tips for ALL Types of Writing

Find ways to help your child get the grade they deserve on any writing task they do at school.

Playtimes – 9th January, 2019

Inspiring Speaking Confidence

From nervous beginner to speech maker, there are tips here to improve everyone’s speaking confidence!

Read the articles in our Public Speaking Series for more great ideas on this topic.

Playtimes – 23rd November, 2018

How to Get ANY Child to Love Poetry

Tips for all ages and levels of enthusiasm to get your child confident and happy with reading poetry.

Playtimes – 2nd October, 2018

Getting the Best Behaviour from your Young Learner

Try new techniques around the home to inspire your child to be on their best behaviour both with you and at school.

Playtimes – 17th September, 2018

After-School Tuition: A Tutor’s Guide to Getting the Best for your Child

Get the most out of your child-tutor relationships by following these tips. Create a strong bond for long-lasting success.

Sassy Mama – 10th May, 2018
Different Learner Types: Tailored Tips for Success

Find out more about the different types of learner and how each of them works best. Read tips to help your child get the most out of their studying time.

Sassy Mama – 19th April, 2018
How to Inspire Your Child To Love Writing

Packed full of tips to boost your child’s creativity, you’re sure to find something to bring out your child’s love for writing.

East Week – 27th July, 2017
幼兒英文班 啟發思考與創作

Take a peek inside our creative classes!