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Advanced Grammar and Reading

Course Description

Using grammar contextually is a prerequisite for achieving satisfactory results in exams, yet it is often a great challenge facing many local school students. With a wide variety of fun activities, this course will provide students with a foundation of solid grammar and rigorous reading skills that can then be applied effectively during reading and writing.

Course Highlights:

  • Tailor-made Curriculum
  • Systematic Grammar Teaching
  • Effective Reading Skills
  • Extensive Exercises and Stimulating Content


Primary Level

Our primary level Advanced Grammar and Reading course helps students acquire and master a wide range of grammar constructions that lay the foundation for them to comprehend texts and write with accuracy, the skills required for exam success and which are essential in real life contexts.

This course is designed to pair well with Family and Friends, a widely adopted textbook series among top-tier schools in Hong Kong. Through fun activities and comprehensive texts, students will learn grammar in an interesting yet systematic way. As they progress through the curriculum, they will gradually acquire the reading skills to tackle advanced comprehension questions and be more capable of using accurate grammar in their writing.

Secondary Level

Our secondary level Advanced Grammar and Reading course helps students consolidate the grammar points they have learnt in primary school and guides them to extend their grammar usage to other areas that are a prerequisite for getting good grades in the DSE exam.

The course enhances students’ reading skills and boosts their confidence in applying grammar knowledge in context. Students will not only be able to achieve accuracy in grammar exercises, but will also acquire the skills to apply advanced grammar constructions in their writing with clarity and precision.

P1 – Basic Grammar

Learning Present continuous tense, comparative adjectives, simple past tense, verbs in questions and irregular nouns.

P2 – More Grammar

Reading skills, auxiliary verbs, countable and uncountable nouns, simple past tense, comparative and superlative adjectives, and future time expressions.

P3 – Modal Verbs

Subject-verb agreement, suffixes and prefixes, infinitives and gerunds, present perfect tense, simple past and present perfect, past continuous, and writing.


Reading skills, indefinite pro-nouns, modal verbs,  passive voice, vocabulary, and writing.


Conditionals, articles, modal verbs, sentence structures, active and passive voice, negative statements, contractions, synonyms, and common errors.


Nouns and noun suffixes, adjectives and adjective suffixes, present perfect continuous tense, future continuous tense, future perfect tense, idioms and similes, proverbs, and phrasal verbs.


Reading skills, poem appreciation, articles and quantifiers, infinitives and gerunds, pronouns and determiners, and adjectives.



I got full marks in my writing exam! Also, I’m very proud of the book I have written!

Keith Kwok (P3)

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孩子下課後,i-Learner Education Centre的導師都很樂意跟家長交流孩子的學習進度,i-Learner Education Centre對Audrey的學習很有幫助。上過文法班後,她在校內英文試更考獲96分,謝謝i-Learner Education Centre!
Audrey Hoi (P3)

This content is only available in Chinese.

負責Advanced Grammar & Reading課程的老師教學認真,善於以容易理解的方法解釋抽象的概念,又經常跟家長分析學生的學習進度。此課程讓孩子有系統地了解字、句的結構,幫助孩子把文法知識充分應用於寫作中。