i‑Learner Education Centre


Course Description

i-Learner provides both Lit and Lang-Lit courses for students studying the Diploma level of IB. Our courses help students polish all the key skills required for exam success.

For the Language Paper, students need to become familiar with a very wide range of text types, as well as the specific ways in which these texts can be modified by the writer to adapt to different audiences. In this course, students will acquire the technical vocabulary they need to explain different text features and also to explain their ideas in a concise and convincing manner. Students will also be required to study books and articles which cover a range of key ideas from the realms of philosophy, history, politics and more. These help students to engage with the array of challenging texts they can be faced with in their exams.

For the Literature Paper, students need to understand their set texts in significant depth. In this course, students will be guided through relevant research into both the broad concepts and finer details of their texts. They will also learn how to tackle the highly challenging exam questions for this paper and how to provide a well-structured, high-scoring answer.

The skills built at this level are foundational for further study at university and beyond.

Note: students studying the IB Middle Years Programme will benefit from taking IGCSE Language and Literature courses, which provide rigorous and assessable preparation for Diploma level IB.