i‑Learner Education Centre

Love to Read

Course Description

Develop a reading habit for life and nurturing long-term success.

Love to Read helps students to develop an interest in English books and to nurture a life-long habit of reading. It also boosts their confidence and enables them to acquire the necessary reading skills that they need in order to be academically successful. 

The course covers 7 levels, from P1 to S1 and is especially aimed at students who have yet to discover the joy of reading. It has been developed and carefully designed with a step-by-step approach focusing on the fun and interactive aspects of reading English books. During the course, students will learn to love books, while also strengthening their comprehension skills and reading confidence. They will be able to apply what they learn to the reading exercises and books they cover at school.


Learning Objectives

L1: Understanding emotions and feelings; reading about nature and cities

L2: Foundational reading and dictionary skills

L3: Story elements and writing responses

L4: Reading fiction and non-fiction and locating specific information

L5: Character analysis and reading comprehension skills

L6: Responding to texts and understanding points of view

L7: Advanced text analysis to understand plot development, themes and messages in different texts