i‑Learner Education Centre


Community Camps

i-Learner has been running Summer camps in the community since 2006, and we are proud to see them improving and expanding every year. We work with a wide range of students, opening up learning opportunities to young people in and around Hong Kong. Our long-standing partnerships with schools and NGOs have seen students grow in both academic abilities and confidence throughout the years.

Our engaging, activity-based curriculum is ideal for students looking to make the most of their summer! Group games, crafts, baking, and performances keep students enthusiastic, while intensive language learning provides measurable results!

One of our most popular camps is the Summer Science Bridge Programme.


Games liven up the intensive camps and keep students thinking in English.


Performances and talent shows are always a fun way to end the week and enable students to see how confident they’ve become with English.

Feedback from our campers:

My favourite activity was the final performance! It can help me speak English louder and do more exercises in English.

I love Drama! It’s because it makes me feel we are like a team.

When I got the EnglishLeap Award, my face was so shocked! Like a snake had come out from my mouth!

I love when we play Bench Ball. It’s a game of team-work, and it’s exciting and fun!

We ate Portuguese egg tarts after the drama 🙂
— Escola Keang Peng


My favourite activity was the big group game. This activity gave us a lot of la

ughter, at the same time helps us to improve our English.

My favourite activities were writing letters and the big group game, because I can play with many people.

I liked the English lessons, because I can speak a lot of English. The tutor provides a lot of help for me to learn English.
— Workers’ Children Secondary School



I loved it because it was really fun and I could learn a lot of new science knowledge!

When I came to school and saw my tutor and groupmates – that was my happiest moment! They always smiled at me. That made me feel so warm!

We must to speak English, that was very useful for me to improve my English skills.

I was sad that I couldn’t join this camp again because I was already in Form 5! I really loved this camp and want to join it again!
— Kit Sam Lam Bing Yam Secondary School


My favourite activity was acting, as it was interesting and the teachers are very professional at this, therefore, I learned a lot!

I loved the elective classes because I could talk to my class teacher, and share things with him.
— Society for Community Organisation (SOCO)


Schools and NGOs who would like to know more about these programmes may email customer@i-learner.com.hk.