i‑Learner Education Centre

Overseas Education Services

Applying to study overseas is a long process that can last between one and three years.  i-Learner supports you throughout this, giving your child the best chance of success as well as helping them adapt to their new school environment.

i-Learner Overseas Education Services (i-Learner OES) specialises in assisting students at various stages, from primary school to post graduation, who plan to study at the finest institutions overseas (UK, US, Australia and New Zealand). We go beyond average educational consultancy and admissions support to provide holistic and sustained guidance to students and their parents.

There are three stages of our support:

1. Nurturing to Adapt

Prepare for the standards of top overseas schools with our tailored English courses and intensive experience programmes. Nurture students’:

  • Language proficiency
  • Literary understanding
  • Cultural awareness.

2. Consulting and Preparation for Applications

Our dedicated consultants provide one-to-one support throughout the application process. Receive support on:

  • School choice
  • Applications
  • Entrance exams
  • Interviews
  • Transition

3. Mentoring for Academic and All-round Excellence
Receive ongoing support to settle into school life overseas. Our UK-based advisors continue to guide students to success through academic tutoring and all-round mentorship.


If you are interested in studying overseas, please contact us on 3113 8815 for more information on the services we provide.

Case study:Andy Wang has been a student at i-Learner for several years. In 2018, we helped him successfully apply for Year 9 (Fourth Form) entry at the prestigious Fettes College in Scotland.

He was very quick to impress his teachers and classmates, not only receiving consistently excellent feedback in his reports, but also settling in very well to boarding school life.

In his first term, he came top in his house’s Effort Competition and was voted Fourth Former of the Term by his fellow students.

He was also selected to represent his school in the Enterprising Maths Challenge and the Royal Society of Chemistry “Top of the Bench” competition.

His first term report also shows how well he has settled in to his new academic setting:

‘Andy has been a wonderful addition to both Fettes College and to Carrington House… I have found his assimilation to be almost seamless…He impresses me as a young man of firm ambition and a clear vision and his attainment grades place him amongst the best performed in the Fourth Form.’ – Housemaster’s report