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Angela Lam

Angela Lam

For some, learning English is like going into the uncharted waters; for some, it seems to come naturally from the environment. Whether you are struggling with English or are excelling at the subject, I believe I can help you develop a genuine love of the language. I hope students will have intrinsic motivation for learning, build a solid foundation and progress along the way.

Angela Lam holds both a teaching qualification (PGDE) from the University of Hong Kong, and a degree in Psychology from the University of Toronto. Her career began in the world of commerce, but a love for fostering young minds led her to teaching. Angela excels at understanding student concerns and creating a supportive learning environment for students to learn at their own pace. Fueled by research on gifted students, she personalises learning for each child, helping them to realise their full potential.


  • The University of Hong Kong: PGDE (English)
  • The University of Toronto:  HBSC (Specialist Program in Psychology)