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Dorian Boyd

Dorian Boyd

Learning happens when something sparks our interest and we open our mind to new information and perspectives. This is true whether we’re trying to grasp a new concept, reading a difficult text, or learning another language. As a teacher, I endeavour to help students realise their full potential by creating genuine interest in the materials and questions they’re engaging with.

Dorian Boyd holds degrees in the fields of both social science and translation studies. He is a CELTA certified language teacher and enjoys helping young learners develop valuable skills while pursuing their academic interests. In addition to his studies in Germany and the UK, Dorian has participated in academic exchange programs, voluntary work and internships in Latin America, Singapore and Malaysia. In his spare time, Dorian enjoys reading historical fiction and is particularly interested in literature related to China during the 18th and early 19th century.


  • MPhil (Development Studies) University of Cambridge
  • BA (International Relations) King’s College London
  • BA (Multilingual Communication) Cologne University of Applied Sciences