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Francis Foster-Hall

Francis Foster-Hall

Each student has a different learning style and adapting to this is essential to being a successful teacher. Relating learning topics to the student’s passions and interests is a key tool for engaging interest. No matter the subject, as long as the student is interested and passionate, it is possible to achieve great results.

Francis Foster-Hall has a degree in medical science and is currently studying medicine at King’s College London with the aim of becoming a doctor. He enjoys the practical application of theoretical work and getting the chance to meet new people daily. Teaching has been a passion for Francis for almost a decade, and he is particularly keen on using the skills he learns training as a doctor within an educational environment. In his spare time, Francis partakes in sports activities including fencing and climbing and actively seeks out new challenges, especially those that require excellent teamwork.


  • BSc (Medical Science) The University of Edinburgh
  • MBBS (Medicine) King's College London (Currently studying)