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Kemmiss Pun (潘愛儀老師)

Kemmiss Pun (潘愛儀老師)

Being able to read a child’s mind and to help with their cognitive and personal development is a gift. I am glad that I am blessed with it.



  • BA (English) The University of Hong Kong
  • PGDE (English) The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • PG Shakespeare Institute
  • MA (TESOL) IOE, University College London


How to Shine in Exams

It can be very frustrating to see your child do exercises perfectly at home but get bad grades in their exams. Parents often ask me what the problem is, and there are a few causes. Fortunately, there are simple solutions to these, which I use regularly to help students reach their potential. Try the tips below to find the ones that help your child shine:… Read More

How Tutorial Classes Add to School-based Learning

Education is a powerful tool through which to nurture growth, unleash potential, form perspectives, and achieve dreams. Hong Kong has an excellent education system, but the government estimates that 50-75% of students flock to tutorial centres for extra classes after school. What are they looking for? Top marks! In our highly competitive education system, parents and students know the importance of high grades. School… Read More

Speech Festival Success

Every year, I’m excited to see the poems, prose extracts and drama pieces which are chosen for the Hong Kong Speech Festival. The texts are always full of interesting feelings, which are a lot of fun for students to experience as they read. I have been training students for the Speech Festival for many years now, and I’m always so happy to see my students… Read More