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Nichita Matei

Nichita Matei

My aim is to allow students to discover the intuition within them and use it to hone their creative problem-solving skills. This allows them to build on what they learn at school, and not be limited by it.

Nichita Matei is driven by curiosity and play, as shown by his wide range of interests, which include philosophy, neuroscience, music, creative writing, and much more. He currently writes a blog on philosophy and cultural criticism, which continues the interdisciplinary explorations he embraced during his Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) degree at the University of Oxford. His approach to teaching draws on this interdisciplinary background, allowing him to weave together areas that typically seem intimidatingly specific, especially in maths and physics. In his spare time, he enjoys acting, gaming, and developing new entrepreneurial ventures.


  • BA (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) The University of Oxford