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Nisha Kaur

Nisha Kaur

Each student is unique, and a teacher’s job is to create the right opportunities for their specific potential and creativity to be unleashed. In my lessons, I incorporate topics from around the world so students can be global citizens and confident in using English to explore more ideas themselves.

Nisha Kaur graduated from The University of Hong Kong with a BA & BEd in English Language Education. Her studies focused on teaching English to second-language learners and brought her opportunities to teach in local schools in Hong Kong. This has given her a wealth of insight into Hong Kong students and how to develop their confidence and proficiency with learning English. In her spare time, she enjoys baking and cycling.


BA & BEd (English) The University of Hong Kong


The Impact of Technology on the English Language

The advancement in technology has facilitated truly global communication, connecting people from different linguistic backgrounds all over the world. English has become the lingua franca of the internet and various digital platforms, causing both positive and negative effects on the language itself. The changes brought about via technological development can be broadly categorised into three groups; vocabulary expansion, language… Read More