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Raquel del Ramo Galián

Raquel del Ramo Galián

I believe students should be at the center of their own learning process. I like listening to the students’ interests and implementing them in my classes. The process of learning should be an amazing journey, therefore engaging with my students with games and challenging activities is a priority for me.

Raquel completed a BA in Translation and Interpreting at the Universidad de Murcia in Spain before starting her current Master’s degree in Spanish and English as Second Languages at the Universidad de Alicante. During her studies, she has learnt how to implement gamification and multimodality in the language classroom and now uses these in her own classes to motivate students. She also has been a part-time English and Spanish tutor for three years. Raquel is passionate about languages and likes to share this interest with her students.


  • MA (Spanish and English as Second Languages/Foreign Languages) (graduating 2023) Universidad de Alicante
  • BA (Translation and Interpreting) Universidad de Murcia