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Rebeka Shipkolye

Rebeka Shipkolye

From colourful storytelling sessions to lively language games, I believe in creating a nurturing environment where kids feel excited to learn and explore. I tailor each lesson to suit the unique needs and interests of every child, ensuring that they not only grasp the fundamentals but also develop a genuine love for English along the way.

Rebeka Shipkolye has three years worth of experience tutoring students English and Mathematics up to A-Level standard (HKDSE equivalent), and has achieved degrees across varied legal disciplines. She has a proven track record of supporting English language learners with varying levels of English proficiency from all over the world. In her spare time, Rebeka continues her passion for literature through reading and writing articles on law for university columns.


  • LLM (Law) University College London
  • BA (Jurisprudence) University of Oxford