i‑Learner Education Centre


Devri Cheng

My daughter loves the teaching style of the teachers at i-Learner. The tutors here have a very unique style that sets them apart as an Education Centre. They are very skilled at finding the strengths and weaknesses of students, and helping students to grow as a child, build confidence and express themselves more effectively.

Since coming to i-Learner, my daughter has improved her writing considerably. She is now able to express her thoughts and feelings independently in writing. She loves her lessons here!

Fergus Cheng

After starting at i-Learner, I have learnt many different things that I never knew before. I particularly like that the teachers teach me to think critically and help me think of good ideas.

i-Learner has definitely helped me at school and with my exams. Ever since I came to i-Learner, my school work has been better and better. I think i-Learner is a great learning centre which will increase the skills of any children who come to study here.

Fergus Cheng

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Kayley Lau

I joined i-Learner because the centre has a good reputation for teaching English and was highly recommended by my daughter’s classmates.

Since joining i-Learner, my daughter’s oral English has improved rapidly and she has strengthened her ability to learn new words. In particular, Kayley likes the teachers and is very keen to attend the classes each week. We feel a real enthusiasm from the teacher and have also developed a good relationship with our child’s teacher.

Cody Ho Tsz Yu

Each lesson at i-Learner is fun and interesting, and the teachers really encourage students to have the confidence to express themselves in English. Cody’s teacher is patient and brings her passion to the classroom.

I am so glad that my son’s reading has greatly improved since he began at i-Learner and after we joined the different courses here. We will definitely keep studying at i-Learner when Cody moves up to Primary School!

Grace Lam

Since coming to i-Learner, I have learnt to think critically and to write persuasively. This has helped me to gain confidence for my coming DSE exams both for the written and spoken sections.

I like i-Learner because the teachers here bring their personality to the classroom and make learning fun. They help me locate my weaknesses and work to improve them. My favourite thing however is that at i-Learner, teachers don’t only focus on exam skills, but also on broader skills such as critical thinking and independent learning.

Chua Chung Hei

Since joining i-Learner, Chung Hei has improved his Mandarin oral, reading and writing skills dramatically. We are thrilled to see our son’s strong interest in reading Chinese storybooks. Recently, Chung Hei has been able to expand his vocabulary and has started to read aloud whatever Chinese words he sees on the street. We are very happy to see i-Learner teachers helping my child to build a strong foundation for his Chinese language learning.

I feel that i-Learner stands out as a learning environment because of its teachers. They are dedicated and compassionate and always have their students’ best interests in mind. The teachers use a variety of methods to encourage students to learn. Even though my son resists writing Chinese characters, I have been happy to see that through a range of teaching methods, he has been able to build his confidence in this area. I only have positive comments about i-Learner and its teachers.

Silas Wong

After hearing positive comments from my friends, I came to i-Learner in search of a centre that lets children enjoy learning English and which could help my son improve his writing skills.

Since coming here, my son has improved his confidence to speak and write a lot, and has acquired a lot of new vocabulary. I believe the teaching materials and curriculum are very good and the teachers can apply these materials to help students learn in a fun way.

Aside from always being helpful and supportive to our needs and goals, my son’s teacher is very professional and patient. My boy enjoys his classes at i-Learner a lot and I can see his English, especially his writing skills, has improved a lot.

Kjersten Cheung

At i-Learner I have learnt a lot about a range of topics, including literature, grammar and writing. For literature I have learnt to understand poetry and prose better. In grammar I have studied different kinds of tenses. My favourite part of classes at i-Learner is the fun reading and group activities.

The work I do at i-Learner helps me get better marks at school. In particular, my Chinese writing and my English listening has improved a lot.

Madelyn Wong Hei Ching

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Daniel and Danielle

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Evan Wong

English is very important. As Evan rarely has a chance to use English in his life, I hope he can get a chance to use English and become more interested in English. In the previous courses, Evan learnt about pronunciation and some new words. He has improved in these two areas. i-Learner has excellent teachers. They are very patient. We are quite pleased to see that.

Jade Leung

We chose i-Learner because of our friends’ recommandation. After taking the Critical Reading and Writing class here, Jade has become more willing to read English books and has also improved a lot in reading and writing. What’s more, the classes here are very interesting. The teachers are willing to discuss more with students and pay attention to inspire students’ creativity. i-Learner also has many interesting books, which makes students want to stay even longer after class! The teachers here are also very humorous and dedicated. They are all willing to share their ideas and suggestions for new books to read. Jade likes the teachers very much and always looks forward to come to her lessons here. The teachers here love learning and teaching languages and are very approachable. I think they set a good model for students.

Clayton Ho Chi Wing

In my opinion, the teachers are what makes i-Learner stand out. My son loves his teacher very much and enjoys his classes at i-Learner. After every class I have the opportunity to hear my son’s teacher’s professional advice on how my son’s learning is progressing and how to move forward. I can understand more about not just Clayton’s learning but also how he can learn better during his lessons. My son’s writing has improved since coming to i-Learner.

Leung Nga Yuet Jennifer

I decided to join i-Learner because I hoped my child could become interested in English and could develop a love of reading. I knew that i-Learner could provide a relaxing learning environment for my daughter. With her teacher’s help, Jennifer has improved a lot in spelling and remembering new words. She has become more confident in using English as well, as learning phonics have helped her do better at school. The curriculum at i-Learner can meet students’ needs thoroughly and help them use what they have learnt flexibly. The teachers here are all patient and teach students well.

Morris Yung

The learning journey of Morris

Morris started his English learning journey at i-Learner when he was in K2.  At that time, he liked to go because of the funny games, the interactive learning and the teachers at i-Learner.  Six years later, Morris is still eager to wake up early every Saturday morning to join the classes because he realises that he can learn more English and write more English here.

From single sentences to a long piece of story or a descriptive writing, the most important element in writing is to let the kids enjoy.  In these years, inspired by different teachers and their creative teaching methods and their understanding of students’ different characters, to my surprise, Morris has learnt how to write different literary genres confidently.

No matter which class you join, all the teachers at i-Learner encourage kids to read.  From “refusing to read” to “love to read”, I was impressed by the “magic” that the teachers use here to show Morris the importance of reading.  He now takes the initiative to search for suitable books to read in order to get inspiration and ideas for his writing.

The secret of learning English successfully is to let the kids love English. They are motivated at i-Learner by receiving different awards at the end of the term.  Morris was proud of himself
for being the “Student of the Term” because of his devotion and hard work in English.  By attending the Summer Scholar Camps, Morris also got some insights in learning English by having fun and useful conversations with students from the University of Cambridge and Oxford.  They had great fun when playing at the beach and visiting the museums.

Learning English is a never-ending story.  As a parent, we should provide them with enough opportunities to have contact with English and let them continue to improve.

Brian Jim

i-Learner provides a positive learning environment and the small-class teaching model can help teachers know more about students’ needs. My child can’t concentrate well, but through playing games and cultivating his interests, he can perform well in class. I appreciate the teaching philosophy here. At i-Learner, teachers understand that for children it’s their nature to play. So they motivate students by games. With teachers’ high qualifications and care, this kind of teaching strategy helps a lot to improve students’ skills in grammar, writing and other aspects.

Abby Chan

At i-Learner, I have learnt the skills for comprehension, writing and grammar. Because of this, my exam results in English have improved. I love having lessons with my classmates and my teacher here!

Abby Chan

Since coming to i-Learner, my daughter has improved her writing skills in all different types of composition. She now has much more interest in learning English.

i-Learner provides a comfortable and relaxed environment for students to enjoy learning English. I would like to say thank you to all i-Learner’s teachers for looking after my daughter!

Allison Wong

At i-Learner I have learnt how to use grammar correctly and how to write better. The teachers here have helped me to improve my English.

Allison Wong

We initially came to i-Learner because of very good comments that we had heard from our friends. Since coming here, my daughter has improved in many ways, including with her grammatical accuracy, her writing and her vocabulary.

What I like most about i-Learner is its structured course materials, the quality of the teachers here and the fact that their courses and exam practice sessions closely mirror my daughter’s school curriculum and exam style.

Bianca Li

We joined i-Learner to both enhance our daughter’s English writing, and also her critical thinking skills. Since Bianca has been here, she has improved a lot. She now enjoys writing and her style has improved.

I think what stands out most at i-Learner are the teachers. They are very caring and professional, and motivate my daughter to try her best in class.

Bianca Li

At i-Learner I have learnt more about how to write a good piece of writing. I really enjoy the lessons here and feel that i-Learner helps me understand my school work better. I get higher exams marks now.

Chita Lam

After hearing about i-Learner through positive word of mouth, I brought my daughter here for an assessment. I was pleasantly surprised when the teacher was able to quickly point out to me my daughter’s areas of improvement.

Since signing up to the courses, Chita’s grammar has improved a lot and she has picked up better reading comprehension skills. The teachers at i-Learner are very experienced.

Nicole Pau

After hearing excellent feedback from other parents, I decided to bring my daughter to i-Learner. I soon found that the course materials at i-Learner are very good and relevant, and also complements my daughter’s school curriculum. Since coming to i-Learner, my daughter has improved her reading and comprehension. Nicole really enjoys her classes at i-Learner and has formed a good relationship with her teacher.

Lo Wing Yiu

In my classes here, I have learnt how to structure and write a close analysis. I have learnt more about how to write my own thesis in response to a stimulus.

I enjoy analysing the strengths and weaknesses of essays written by others. I also enjoy the monthly presentation, where I have to share what I have learnt from range of extended topics and have the chance to explore other areas of knowledge besides just English.

Since coming here, I have become more confident in formalating responses in exams and at school.

Donnica Chick

I have learnt how to analyse texts and poems at i-Learner. My favourite part of lessons here is that I can improve my understanding of stylistic features of writing, and can study how to structure my answers better.

Chan Ho Him

In my i-Learner classes I have learnt lots about writing stories, grammar and how to use English and Putonghua. i-Learner’s lessons are fun and the teachers share lots of interesting books with us. I want to say thank you to my teachers!

Chan Ho Him

We have always wanted our child to get supplemental knowledge beyond his regular school teaching. Because of this, we decided to join i-Learner.

The teachers here don’t just only bring their knowledge to the classroom, but also put all their effort into their teaching. Our son has made good improvements in both English and Mandarin and now communicates better than before.

We feel that i-Learner is definitely the right place for our child.

Angus Tsoi

Angus was weak in Chinese reading and character recognition, but he has improved a lot and become more interested in Chinese after beginning Chinese at i-Learner. I appreciate the teaching method here. It’s not just exam-based. The teachers here take care to cultivate students’ interest to learn. Angus is not afraid of writing anymore and he has become more willing to read after class. I am grateful for teachers’ care and their efforts to help Angus love and enjoy Chinese. Meanwhile, the teachers here have given me lots of suggestions for how I can help my child’s learning, and it has helped a lot.

Eunice Ho

I decided to join i-Learner because the centre has a good reputation in the area and has good teachers. Since coming here, i-Learner has helped my child think more and explore. Eunice has improved both her reading and writing skills, and has a better knowledge of grammar skills. In particular, I feel that i-Learner’s good teachers are its biggest asset. They really care for Eunice and help her realise her best potential.

Zephany Wan

At i-Learner I have learnt skills related to writing and literature. I feel I know how to plan my work a lot better now and I have learnt to appreciate literature at a deeper level. I have also noticed my ability to be creative has been strengthened since I came here.

My favourite thing about i-Learner is the teachers. They make my learning fun and are a contrast to what students are usually used to in a school environment.

Venus Yip

We originally decided to join i-Learner based on its good reputation among parents. Since joining, we have seen that our daughter has been able to improve her ability to speak a whole sentence and is much more familiar with the structure of a sentence. She is also more confident to speak.

The teachers here are kind and take care of their students. The classes provide an intellectually nourishing environment, where children can learn and enjoy themselves at the same time.

Hayden Kong

Since coming to i-Learner, Hayden has improved his reading skills and now understands an author’s intention better. In writing, he has learnt how to structure a story and can now complete a whole piece of work by himself. The teaching materials here are appropriate for students. The teachers are kind and caring, and each student work on their weaknesses. Hayden loves taking lessons here.

Hayden Kong

Since I joined i-Learner, I have improved a lot in English reading and in my general learning. From the Love to Read course, I have learnt reading and comprehension skills. From Love to Write, I have learnt how to structure my story and use literary techniques. The teaching materials here are well-designed and the teachers treat us very well.

Adele Wong

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  1. Primary P5-P6 English Bible Speaking: One Corinthians Chapter 13 Verse 2
    Result: 1st Place
  2. Primary P5-P6 English Verse Speaking: The Sound of the Wind (Christine Rosseti)
    Result: 2nd Place


Jenny (mother of Charlotte)

Dear my i-Learner teacher,

Where do I begin? Probably before P1 school year even started, when I heard such positive things about you and i-Learner. Based on popular opinion, I expected great things this year — and I have not been disappointed.

Charlotte always has positive things to say about you and your class, she enjoys it and looks forwards to going weekly after school. We hear all about the dynamic way you deliver lessons and encourage participation and are pleased that our daughter is learning so much in a fun way.

Charlotte is very careful in her reading and writing and spends so much time trying to do everything correctly, which might really slow her down when doing homework and exams. Throughout this year, Charlotte has improved her confidence plus her time management skills. She has learnt how to finish her exam paper in time and accurately, and is now able to achieve high scores in her exams.

We appreciate your time, your patience, and your ability to make English interesting!


Berry Yu, S6

Joining the DSE class means you have varied tasks to complete each week. This class covers 4 papers while the tutor will guide students according to their abilities.

Josiah Tam’s Mum P6

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Leung Yu Hang’s mum (P5)

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Ms. Leung – Yasmine Leung K3

Since Yasmine first came to i-Leaner a few months ago, her English proficiency has improved significantly, in particular her reading skills as well as composition. I give thanks to her teacher at i-Learner, who has whole-heartedly taught her English. This has not only enhanced her overall English ability, but more importantly, has raised her interest in English learning.

Mrs. Cheung (Athena’s mother)

i-Learner is a learning centre that provides a stimulating environment for quality education. The teachers are highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the children’s learning.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my daughter’s teacher for making the lessons enjoyable and useful. You’re a skillful teacher!

Athena Cheung P2

Dear my i-Learner teacher,

As a teacher you’re a STAR!
You never are FAR!
You never cease to surprise ME!
Most of all, thank you for teaching ME!

i-Learner is my favourite place to learn, the classes are fun and the teachers are all very kind, supportive and helpful.

Ms. Lai (Bernice Lai K2)

The course materials fit Bernice’s level very well and I can see improvements after each lesson. Her reading skill has improved a lot. She is able to recognise a number of sight words which are provided in her notes. These sight words help her to read and write simple sentences, so she has found reading books more fun and interesting.

Reading aloud in class helps her to build her confidence through poems and stories. Also, the class has strengthened her phonics skills. She is now able to read by combining the letter sounds instead of by memorising words. The i-Learner teachers are patient and caring, and their lessons are fun!

Milo Ho (F2)

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我的兒子在i-Learner Education Centre補習中文,這是真正的小班補習。如有不明白的地方,學生可以即時向老師問個明白。老師在教授文言文和實用文方面很有心得,對他有很大的幫助。他校內中文試的成績突飛猛進,由以往的不及格,跳升至現時的80多分呢!

Issac Hung (P1)

I like the Wormly Squiggly Spaghetti lesson and all the Roald Dahl books lessons. It is because I like to read funny twit books. It is very very very very very very very … funny!!!

Jessica Lee (P4)

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i-Learner令Jessica的英文進步了很多。上了Ms Ling的Phonics & Reading課程後,她學會了不少應用拼音的方法,串字和默書都有明顯的進步。i-Learner的學習氣氛十分熱鬧,上課時會透過玩遊戲和畫畫學習,Jessica上課時亦十分開心。希望她能繼續努力,學得更好!

Mrs Yang

Garyson used to refuse to write even one sentence, and now, he enjoys writing stories! Since i-Learner groups students according to their levels and not just age, the students within a class feel more confident to express themselves as they don’t feel intimidated. Apart from written English, Garyson has also become aware of the grammar in his spoken English. He has even started correcting his domestic helper’s English! He reads faster these days. The most important thing to me is that his attitude towards learning English has changed completely. I’m thinking of enrolling him in some of i-Learner’s workshops over Easter and the summer holidays!

Angie Chan (P4)

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Angie參加Speech Festival之前,我決定帶她到i-Learner上Speech Festival課程,Ms Pun的表達能力非常強,又十分細心和有經驗,因此Angie掌握得很快,可以輕易地演繹文章的精髓。Angie成為今年Speech Festival的冠軍(87分),我非常樂意推薦i-Learner Education Centre這家相當好的教育中心給其他家長!

Angel Yu (P3)

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從囡囡口中得知她十分喜歡i-Learner Education Centre的導師,她覺得Matilda老師很友善,課程生動有趣。囡囡也有上其他地方的課程,但我覺得i-Learner的老師更加有耐心和經驗,總能夠就小朋友在學習上的困難提出具體的解決方法。囡囡在今年的Speech Festival得到季軍 (85分)呢,十分感謝i-Learner Education Centre各位老師的用心教導!

Audrey Hoi (P3)

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孩子下課後,i-Learner Education Centre的導師都很樂意跟家長交流孩子的學習進度,i-Learner Education Centre對Audrey的學習很有幫助。上過文法班後,她在校內英文試更考獲96分,謝謝i-Learner Education Centre!

Rachel Chow (P3)

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負責Advanced Grammar & Reading課程的老師教學認真,善於以容易理解的方法解釋抽象的概念,又經常跟家長分析學生的學習進度。此課程讓孩子有系統地了解字、句的結構,幫助孩子把文法知識充分應用於寫作中。

Yoyo Chang (P6)

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到i-Learner Education Centre補習後,小朋友的校內成績明顯改善了,是次英文科的考試成績更由以往的80幾分躍升至92分。i-Learner Education Centre的老師既有愛心,又能在課堂中教授遠比學校深入的知識,更能令常生掌握重點,我實在要謝謝老師的用心教導。

Anthony Ma & Thomas Ma (P2)

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最初抱著嘗試的心態,替孩子報讀i-Learner Education Centre的課程。我發現 i-Learner的師資及教學經驗都很好,英文導師Ms Pun和數學導師 Winsome皆能照顧學生的需要,特別是在學習和考試技巧上。孩子有不明白的地方,可以即時向老師問個明白,弟弟更於校內英語測驗第一次得到80分以上。我可以告訴其他家長,i-Learner Education Centre是一所理想的教育中心!


I enjoy coming to i-Learner for lessons a lot. I can write a lot more than before. I like the tutors here because they are extremely patient with me. I like the decorations at the studio as they are fun and relaxing.

Jaclyn (Emily’s mother)

Emily forgot to tell you that she had got the highest marks (composition) in her class. Also, only 7 out of 38 students passed the Maths exam in her class. She was one of them. Many thanks to you and the teachers in your centre.

Aydan Lau (K1)

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i-Learner Studio的教學模式是以我所見最為創新而有效的。
Aydan在這裡學習得很快樂,而且表現一直有進步,因此我很樂意推介其他家長也讓小朋友到i-Learner Studio學習呢!

Megan Chiu (K2)

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Megan在i-Learner上了大半年的幼兒課程。 女兒她上每一節課都很投入,也很喜歡老師和她說故事。 看見女兒從早期未能認字、只懂用圖畫表達想法,到現在拼寫生字時開始懂得運用基本的拼音技巧,這一點點的進步,真的令我覺得很欣慰。真的很感謝i-Learner老師的用心教導!

Angus Tsoi (K3)

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我的兒子Angus在i-Learner上了一年幼兒課程。 每次下課後,他的臉上總是掛著愉快的笑容。Angus很喜歡上Ms Anna的課,他尤其喜歡playtime環節,Ms Anna會讓他充當小廚師,寓學習於遊戲之中。看見兒子每次下課後都會興高采烈地和我分享課堂內容, 我真的很放心繼續讓兒子在i-Learner學習。