i‑Learner Education Centre

Chua Chung Hei

Since joining i-Learner, Chung Hei has improved his Mandarin oral, reading and writing skills dramatically. We are thrilled to see our son’s strong interest in reading Chinese storybooks. Recently, Chung Hei has been able to expand his vocabulary and has started to read aloud whatever Chinese words he sees on the street. We are very happy to see i-Learner teachers helping my child to build a strong foundation for his Chinese language learning.

I feel that i-Learner stands out as a learning environment because of its teachers. They are dedicated and compassionate and always have their students’ best interests in mind. The teachers use a variety of methods to encourage students to learn. Even though my son resists writing Chinese characters, I have been happy to see that through a range of teaching methods, he has been able to build his confidence in this area. I only have positive comments about i-Learner and its teachers.